EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Boyfriend of Roy Moore Accuser: We Don’t Think Her

EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Boyfriend of Roy Moore Accuser: We Don’t Think Her

At her press meeting, Nelson claimed her up from a waitressing job at a restaurant in Gadsden called Olde Hickory House where she says that the assault took place that she had a boyfriend who used to pick. Nelson reported that she initially came across Moore as he had been a 30-year-old deputy region lawyer in Etowah County and would frequently consume in the restaurant. Moore has rejected once you understand Nelson.

Nelson described being picked up by her boyfriend right after the so-called assault: myself together“ I got up and tried to pull. I became making my option to the leading of this restaurant whenever my boyfriend arrived. It absolutely was belated and it also ended up being dark. I didn’t state almost anything to him about what had happened into difficulty. While he possessed a violent mood and I also was afraid which he would take action that will get him”

While DeVine claims which he was not the boyfriend who may have picked her up in the restaurant and that she was dating someone else at the same time that he dated Nelson at around the time of the alleged incident, he says.


DeVine could maybe maybe maybe maybe not remember Nelson being employed as a waitress in a restaurant after all. “I don’t remember her involved in that restaurant, ” he reported. “I’m maybe maybe not saying that she didn’t. I simply don’t remember it. ”

DeVine claims that Nelson fundamentally finished the connection become utilizing the other boyfriend.

“We weren’t dating each other solely that she got more interested in than me. ” he said because she ended up dating another guy at around the same time. “And i believe which was the guy that she ultimately married. ”

Expected whether there was clearly any animosity between himself and Nelson following the breakup or presently, DeVine responded, “No generally not very. ”

DeVine continued: “It wasn’t a breakup that is dramatic. We weren’t in love like I said. We had been venturing out. We had been buddies. We never ever had a relationship that is physical. We won’t say we didn’t kiss, but i am talking about we never really had anything or sex like this. She just managed to make it clear if you ask me that she ended up being worried about me personally. About for her and she had this other man that liked her, and she thought he will be a much better option. Whether i might be the ideal guy”

“And I became simply the types of man, well, ok, I’m not likely to take on someone. Then i think it is best you to go for him if you like this other guy. And thus, we simply consented she was going to push through the relationship with that guy that we wouldn’t see each other and. It absolutely was ok. It had been a really friendship that is peaceful of the break-up. It absolutely wasn’t a dramatic breakup. Broken heart or such a thing that way at all. ”

Yearbook debate

Nelson, meanwhile, happens to be in the center of debate regarding her very own yearbook, which provides the only piece of physical proof become presented when you look at the situations of various ladies who went general public with tales alleging conduct that is inappropriate Moore and teenage girls. Moore has strenuously rejected most of the accusations.

In a radio meeting using this reporter broadcast throughout the week-end, Moore claimed that Gloria Allred’s repeated refusal to straight away launch into the custody of a completely independent examiner the first content of Nelson’s yearbook proves that “what they will have alleged is totally untrue. ”

At a press seminar in nyc, Allred offered a photocopy of this yearbook by having an inscription that reads: “To a sweeter more stunning woman we could perhaps maybe not state, ‘Merry Christmas time. ’ Love, Roy Moore DA, 12-22-77, Olde Hickory House. ”

Within our meeting, Moore especially pointed to your initials “D.A. ” that appear following the signature in the yearbook to help demonstrate that the yearbook inscription and signature represent exactly exactly just what he referred to as a forgery and “complete fabrication. ”